35# Royal Decree: Nullification of Vaccine purchase Contracts, Tax Rebates /Investments/Subsidies

💫Her Majesty I AM Queen Romana @romanadidulo💫 Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Gov’t, Queen and President, [1/6/2022 2:46 PM]

~In the Kingdom of Canada~

To the Attention of:

1) We The People of the Kingdom of Canada

2) The Treasury Department/Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Canada

3) Department of National Defense (DND) of the Kingdom of Canada

4) Department of the Kingdom of Canada’s Foreign Affairs.

5) Department of Health / Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Canada

6) Department / Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship of the Kingdom of Canada

Re: Nullification of Vaccine purchase Contracts, Tax Rebates /Investments/Subsidies

I AM Queen Romana Didulo of the Kingdom of Canada, hereby, issue this Royal Decree effective today January 6, 2022.

Effective immediately, I hereby decree the nullification / cancelation and removal of the following:

Any and all procurement contracts (foreign and domestic), financial subsidies, investments, and tax credits, provided to any and all companies in the Kingdom of Canada and elsewhere in the following industries/sector:

➡️All MRNA infrastructure, software, hardware, Research, Development, and production, promotion, distribution, delivery, experimentation, etc.

➡️Nullification of any projects within and outside the Kingdom of Canada pertaining to MRNA

➡️Termination and Dismissal of all Scientists work permits and contracts involved in MRNA Research and Development

➡️Termination of all Lease Agreements involving the We The Peoples Real Properties and Land, unlawfully signed with any and all bioweapon companies, and MRNA companies across the Kingdom of Canada

➡️Termination and immediate Expulsion from the Kingdom of Canada of ALL Scientists, Researchers, Experts and Staff collaborating in the production of MRNA bioweapon programmable nanotechnology and vaccinations of any kind.

➡️ Cancellation of creation of any types of pharmaceutical drugs, and products, pertaining to and link with coronavirus registered patents and all of registered variants thereof and thereto.

**Further, for the Kingdom of Canada responsible and designated personnel to conduct a Search, Closure, Seizure, and SAFE destruction of all MRNA technologies and supplies used to create the MRNA bioweapon programmable injection.***

NB: Please make use of the Kingdom of Canada’s Military Aircrafts to return them to their Country of origin or purchase them a one way commercial flight (ticket).

Please and thank you.

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Peace and Prosperity. Or perish.

I don’t play Politics.

HRH Majesty Queen Romana Didulo,
Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,
Head of Government,
President and Queen of the Kingdom of Canada