07# Royal Decree: #Unlawful Residential and Commercial #Foreclosures in Canada

💫Her Majesty I AM Queen Romana @romanadidulo💫 Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Gov’t, Queen and President, [1/20/2022 6:27 PM]

In the Kingdom of Canada

To the Attention of:

1) We The People of the Kingdom of Canada

2) The National Treasury Department/Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Canada

3) The Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Canada

4) Department of National Defense (DND) of the Kingdom of Canada

5) Department of the Kingdom of Canada’s Foreign Affairs.

6) Department of Health / Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Canada

7) Department / Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship of the Kingdom of Canada

8) Department of Internal Affairs of the Kingdom of Canada

Re: Emergency Residential Rental Subsidy in the Kingdom of Canada

I AM Queen Romana Didulo of the Kingdom of Canada, hereby, issue this Royal Decree effective today January 20, 2022 and retroactive December 1, 2021

Effective immediately, I hereby decree Rental Subsidy to be provided monthly until further notice to the following:

➡️ Canadians, ️

➡️ Landed Immigrants,

➡️ and Permanent Residents

The total amount, for Individual Renters $300.00 to $1, 800.00 (maximum per Houshold)

The total amount, for Family Renters $1, 200.00 to $3,500.00 (maximum per Household)

*Applicants must present verifiable rental agreements*

*Income vs Rental Residential Expenses threshold is, 1/3, of 100% net income of the applicant. For example, if the total net income is $100.00, maximum of 33% or $33.00 goes to rent.

Department of Treasury/Ministry of Finance is hereby instructed to immediately coordinate and facilitate the acceptance of applications, processing and direct disbursement of funds direct to Rental Agencies/Building Owners Account.

Please, ensure the We The People can apply for their rent Subsidies effective January 30, 2022. Hire up to 500 individual clerks to process the We The Peoples Application.

Review and Approval and disbursement of funds for each applicant should be completed within 3 business day. No later.

Note in particular:

*Residential Mortgages are unlawful / fraudulentl in the Kingdom of Canada*

Please and thank you

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Peace and Prosperity. Or perish.

I don’t play Politics.

HRH Romana Didulo, @romanadidulo
Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,
Head of Government of Canada,
Queen of Canada