Become A Healer – Activate Natural Healing Forces Heal Everything

For those who want to be Healers….This video is for you…

For those who want to be Healers….This video is for you…

IF you want to also heal your Pets – let your Pet listen to this as well while you are listening…

By Activating Natural Healing Forces Pure Healing Energy It Is Possible To Self Repair And Heals Everything Inside And Outside Of You.

By Using This Unique Exclusive State Of The Art Professional Subliminal Program With Powerful InAudible Spoken Messages You Can Now Stay Well Self Repair While Doing Energy Healing And Transformation Work Which Is Of Importance.

Healing Used In This Video Is Healing Touch, Your Mind, Your Smile And Voice As A Healing Presence And Your Feet To Heal Gaia Mother Earth. As You Listen, This Program Assists With Healing And Transforming All Time And Space, Galaxies, Dimensions, Portals, Black And Worm Holes.

Enhances Current Healing Abilities Opens New Insights And Abilities Healing Is Now Multi-Verse Beyond Planetary.

Your Presence Becomes A Healing Light For The Good Of All Listening Instructions: One Or More Sessions Day Or Night For 21-49 Days. Safe For Continuous Loop Headphones Are Optional.

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