75# Royal Decree: Hemp Tree Industry in the Kingdom of Canada – Lawful

💫Her Majesty I AM Queen Romana @romanadidulo💫 Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Gov’t, Queen and President, [4/2/2022 8:43 PM]

~Royal Decree~

To the Attention of:

1) The We The People of the Kingdom of Canada.

2) Department of Agriculture

3) Department of Natural Resources

Cc: The Kingdom of Canada’s Armed Forces, Special Forces, US Special Forces, and Allied Special Forces.

Re: Hemp Tree Industry in the Kingdom of Canada – Lawful

I AM Her Majesty Queen Romana Didulo of the Kingdom of Canada, Head of State, Commander-in-Chief, and Head of Government hereby issue this Royal Decree effective today April 2, 2022…

This Royal Decree permits the planting of Hemp Trees in the Kingdom of Canada for purposes of building homes, clothing production and manufacturing of all products/goods where Hemp Tree could be used.

And so it is.😊☝️✍️⚖️👑👽

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Peace and Prosperity. Or perish.

I don’t play Politics.

HRH Majesty Queen Romana Didulo,
Head of State and Commander-in-Chief,
Head of Government,
President and Queen of the Kingdom of Canada